Wash Windows Like A Pro

I’ve been gotten some information about cleaning windows particularly cleaning for company and specifically ‘what’s the most ideal approach to clean a window’ – so today, I’m demonstrating how to clean your window like an expert…

Do you know why expert window cleaners use microfibre cushions and squeegees to clean their customers windows? Indeed, neither do – yet I’m certain there;s a generally excellent purpose behind it..

Quite a while back I cleaned my windows utilizing just vinegar and paper towels – however believe it or not – it’s actually very tedious utilizing the splash and wipe method – and as a rule, I would get baffled with the streaky outcomes…

There must be a superior way..

There was a superior way – and that includes one of these and this is squeegee, scrubber, blend tool – these expense about $10 at your neighborhood huge box – and when I purchased mine it was at a bargain for $3 – thus, whoopee me!

The just other stuff you’re going to need is a pail, a microfibre material and some dish liquid.

  • Drop a couple of drops of dish fluid into your container and fill it around 1/2 path with warm water..
  • We’re going to utilize the microfibre scouring cushion to wash the windows and after that we’ll utilize the squeegee to clean them off and dry
  • Dip the cleaning cushion into your blend and apply it to the glass in a S design – attempt and get into the majority of the corners
  • Next, you’ll utilize the squeegee and beginning at the top, wipe from one side to the other..
  • Then, You can utilize the microfibre material to wipe the casings and corners clean..

You can join a post to arrive at windows which would ordinarily be out of reach..

You can likewise utilize this device inside – simply utilize less water on your cleaning cushion and possibly place a cloth or material at the base of the window to ensure your window ledges…

If you have any tree sap, dead bugs or other dry bits on your window, you can utilize a Skrapr to get them off and that is essentially it!


Just as it does in your vehicle, for your windshield, Rain-X is a glass cleaner and downpour repellent which can be splashed on and cleared off your windows when you are done with the cleaning routine appeared previously. Downpour X repulses downpour by making it dot up and channel away from glass surfaces, for example, your home windows – become familiar with Rain-X here!


Back in the day, paper print was made utilizing carbon dark, or light dark – that was the piece of the paper which was in charge of really cleaning glass surfaces (and furthermore why utilizing a paper was SO powerful) – be that as it may, presently latex is utilized, and this will simply spread the cleanser on your glass.. 

Recipes for Vinegar Window Washing Solution

Martha Stewart incorporated an area with nitty gritty suggestions for window washing in her arrangement, “20 More Things Everyone Should Know”. The following are a couple of decision tips, alongside her vinegar window-washing recipe.

  1. Mix one section high temp water to one section refined vinegar.
  2. Sponge cleaning: Moisten the window, utilizing the arrangement, at that point clean.
  3. Squeegee cleaning: Always hose the squeegee first and clean starting from the top, cleaning the edge of the squeegee after each stroke.
  4. Clean just when there is no immediate sun on the windows.
  5. Rinse and dry the window outlines promptly to maintain a strategic distance from any damage.

Green Living, from National Geographic, suggests this straightforward formula, in addition to a couple of additional tips for the best window cleaning outcome.

  1. In a splash bottle, blend half refined vinegar (white) and half tap water.
  2. For incredibly tarnished glass, prewash with foamy water, at that point go to the vinegar spray.
  3. Got exceedingly resistent spots? Make a decent attempt with a fabric dunked in undiluted vinegar.